The Alkalizer Trivet

Nature’s way to restore health

Vitalizer Trivet

$ 65.00

Acacia wood Freeland Vitalizer

Nature’s energy restorer, creates an energizing vortex functioning in relation to the energy of what is placed on it. Made of acacia wood with the geometric form laser-cut into it. Please read the Vitalizer page if you would like to discover more about a surprisingly simple natural solution to boosting the energetic strength of whatever can be placed over the trivet.

  • Boosts the energetic content
  • Revitalizes
  • Enhances taste
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This is a laser-engraved wooden version of the Freeland Vitalizer, a geometric pattern which interacts with whatever is placed on it creating an energetic reaction and restoring vitality. A handy addition to the table or work surface so you can place medication, supplements, vitamins or cooking ingredients on it for five minutes before using them and boost the energetic content. Put your glass on it and taste the difference!

Overview of the Alkalizer Trivet

  • Increase the alkilinity of water
  • Reduce the acidity in your body
  • Resolve acid reflux problems
  • Strengthen the nerves
  • Boost the negative ions in your system
  • Convenient – just keep it on the table or work surface
  • Keep it under your pet/animal’s food or water bow

The Alkalizer is a relatively complex trade-mark design made up of three patterns generating several energy fields. The base is a wooden (acacia for both the coaster and the trivet) support with the geometric patterns laser-cut into it. The effect of the patterns increases the pH of water, in other words, it alkalizes the water placed above it.

Drinking alkaline water is beneficial for one and all as it helps eliminate the acidic waste products that are the cause for many of our aches and pains, like ageing and death. Suggested time for treatment: 2 hours-2 days. The time factor, the shape of the water container and original characteristics of the water are important elements in the whole equation.

So for the sake of simplicity, put your water in a bowl or bucket – preferably open, the material is irrelevant, cover it with a cloth and leave it for as long as possible. Keep the bowl constantly filled. Closed bottles and narrow neck containers do not seem to react as well. The more negative ions you can be around, absorb, develop in your system, the better. By making your water more alkaline the theory is that you will reduce the acid content of blood, enhance your immune system and metabolism by neutralizing pollutants, yeast, etc., and speed up oxidation and healing.