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The Way of the Skeptic speaks to open-minded persons curious as to possible explanations about the interface of the material-spirit worlds or desiring to learn more about the inter-relationships of the physical, chemical and energetic functioning of life from an authentic standpoint of textual evidence. Serious researchers in alternative medicine, psi and quantum physics as well as those investigating “energy” will find resonance in these pages, with their emphasis on psychology, life sciences, self-help and development.

A journey on the path to harmony by means of adventurous and authentic exploration calling upon a range of ancient and modern knowledge, from Vedic lore to Chinese medical theory, from bio-electromagnetism to nuclear irradiation, from radiesthesia to geometric pattern, offering convincing alternatives to the rather barren one-sided option of materialism available today.

Calling upon ancient, medieval and modern science and art, teachings and traditions, the author walks you through an original take on the nature of what it is that really lives and never dies. So intimate is this knowledge we all possess that we are inclined to be blindsided as to its complete interconnection and interdependence. A gentle but earnest shift in perception makes way for the calm intuition that the “world” is not quite what it seems when viewed from the angle of consciousness which being a whole is both individual and collective, and definitely not what we have been led to believe. This is fully supported by our immediate and shared experience, furnished by the individual’s twin intelligence of the heart and the cerebral mind. What is more, that shift lays the foundations for a better appreciation of the bridge that exists between the cerebral mind and the all-conscious heart, which is inevitably eroded over time by placing the accent on our rational rather than intuitive capacity.

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