GS Dome

$ 85.00

Removes the telluric impact from geopathic stress so helping restore harmony to your space. Effective radius of 12 metres.

Postage included

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The GS (Geopathic Stress) Dome functions on forgotten medieval principles which probably originated in Egypt. 

It is the ideal solution to a number of inconveniences caused by earth-originating energies, such as underground streams, geological fault, causing what is known as Sick Building Syndrome and further complicated by the frequencies coming modern gadgetry that do us no good.

Once installed, the effect is a more harmonious environment allowing for an improved atmosphere, thanks to the specific lengths of the two spirals which create a resonance with the  magnetic component of the earth’s field and the force field of the precise geographic location of the area where the dome is placed.

Each dome is made to measure for the location which must be specified at the time of ordering. Please read the posts on Geopathic Stress and others in the Blog.