Neter Energies provides solutions, natural solutions, for many modern issues.

  • It is possible to modify the effect of earth energies at the root of many modern ills.
  • The FDV changes the way EMR affects you so your electronics are no longer a threat.
  • The Alkalizer boosts the benefits of water so removing acid reflux and increasing longevity of life.
  • Spirit Release clears people and places of unhappy presences by means of loving and careful frequency.
  • Radiesthesia discovers the reality of a situation by rational questioning of the all-conscious heart.

Natural solutions using Nature’s gifts of radiesthesia, form, magnetism and ancient lore to discover forgotten and neglected abilities or, let me help you on your path.


Natural and practical solutions for harmony and sound health. Including some devices, tips, services and guidelines to improve the quality of your life


A no-nonsense approach to our common experience of “energy”, calling on ancient wisdom and common sense to help provide welcome relief.


A three-minute solution to move out of the fight-or-flight nervous mode into the energy-restoring parasympathetic. How to transform stress, muscular tension and negative emotions by consciously applying physical relaxation. Real relaxation to become totally efficient.



Using Nature’s geometric forms and patterns, discover how to move away from the pain and discomfort caused by electronic gadgets. Find relief for some of the unspoken causes of modern technology.



A new look at what the ancients knew and practised which we have neglected, hidden or forgotten. Serious research using observation, experimentation and research into the ways of energy. NATURE RULES!



Made-to-measure courses in Radiesthesia (dowsing) and its applications.


Chris is nothing short of a highly gifted and VERY powerful healer.
Peter K, California

Peter K.


Christopher is a powerful and visionary gifted man; I owe my life to this great man.

Dr J.A.H.S


Chris is a generous and gifted person and I am fortunate to have met him.

Johannes Somers

Luang Prabang

NETER ENERGIES - life in harmony

Nature is whole allowing for no separation. The Neter are the natural principles which, although invisible, govern one and all, if observed they allow us to experience life in harmony.

VITAL ENERGY - human life force

We all share a Vital Force which possesses certain natural characteristics, properties if you like, that make up life. We tend to ignore them as they cannot be quantified or even be seen. This is a hard look at a few of these – consciousness, energy, existence and thought, to mention a few…

STRESS RELIEF - stress reduction

Stress is the malaise of modern times which can only increase as we mess with the frequencies in the once carefully balanced environment. But there are solutions.